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Wedding Shopping You are a wedding Shoppe manager; your duty is to help the customers to select their wedding dresses. Let them see dresses and try the dresses in the fitting rooms if required. Finally pack the dresses for them and collect the money.

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Wedding Shopping game played 35266 times. Rating 1263 points for the game players. Game Categories : Shopping games

Cumartesi 12 Temmuz 2014


Cumartesi 12 Temmuz 2014


Cumartesi 07 Haziran 2014

where is the game cant see??????

Perşembe 05 Haziran 2014

it is perfect game for girls

Cumartesi 17 Mayıs 2014

game is quiet good

Cumartesi 10 Mayıs 2014

beatifull game

Cuma 18 Nisan 2014

nice game

Çarşamba 26 Mart 2014

I like this game from your gril corlisthia holly at me when you can

Salı 11 Mart 2014

good but bouring

Çarşamba 05 Mart 2014

nic game

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